5 Unique & Maybe Upsetting Nonfiction Book Ideas

Are you writing a book? Some writers prefer to write about true things. This, called nonfiction, is a very popular genre with bestsellers to rival any fiction. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible is the bestselling nonfiction or fiction book of all time, at roughly 5 billion copies and growing. I’ll be adding free ideas so check back often or sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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…but how strong was her love life? Did she sacrifice everything for her love of structures and building? Her life also could be a creative jumping point for a Romance. I’m thinking a Period or Contemporary Romance might work with the passionate workplace elements of The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand as inspiration.

That’s not your imagination; your dog is really trying to talk to you

Writing a nonfiction book? Book ideas here include a nonfiction book about dogs talking to you, based on interviews with scientists, could be a bestseller.
Your dog has a lot to say.
  • Dog Talk as Nonfiction. Peruse YouTube these days and you will find endless videos of dogs attempting to speak English. Presumably, in China they try to speak Chinese. Are dogs truly trying to communicate? Of course they are. Their tongues are just having trouble with some pronunciations. Is this evolutionary? New in the past decade? What does it mean about tomorrow? Although there are many books on dogs talking, those books are mostly fiction. It’s past time for someone to dig deep into the science of this newish trend.

This fish with superhero powers ties itself up in a knot to clean itself after it slimes you

  • Hagfish are one of the most intriguing fishes on Earth. A description of one aspect of the Hagfish’s defensive mechanisms in The Atlantic sounds like a new super hero ability:

“…It expands by 10,000 times in a fraction of a second, it’s 100,000 times softer than Jell-O, and it fends off sharks and Priuses alike…

…Typically, a hagfish will release less than a teaspoon of gunk from the 100 or so slime glands that line its flanks. And in less than half a second, that little amount will expand by 10,000 times—enough to fill a sizable bucket. Reach in, and every move of your hand will drag the water with it. “It doesn’t feel like much at first, as if a spider has built a web underwater,” says Douglas Fudge of Chapman University. But try to lift your hand out, and it’s as if the bucket’s contents are now attached to you.”

To get the slime off, the fish ties itself up in a knot and wriggles loose. Come to think of it, this might also make a good Children’s picture book.

I’m in quarantine and going crazy; achieving mental health in isolation

  • Mental Health in Isolation as a Self-Help or Nonfiction. The 2020 Pandemic forced the entire world into one of the worst living scenarios possible: Homes became prisons. Because shelter at home is being discussed as a possibility for the future, anytime there is a serious threat, we need to learn how to isolate ourselves. People who live with families need to learn how to live with them in peace. This will be an ongoing problem with many possible angles for books and the market will be wanting it.

Mask Making: free patterns for a safety net in a changing world

  • Mask Making as a Craft Book. While there are possibly thousands of mask patterns free on the Internet due to the Pandemic, people would want the best ones gathered in one place. A discussion with scientists and health officials and doctors about what makes a good mask would be helpful. Readers also will want research into how effective a cut-up t-shirt is versus a polyester jacket. What can you use as thread or elastic if you don’t have any. Who might need you to give them masks?

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