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Creative ways to beat writer’s block on a new book idea

Ideas usually come easy to me. I’m the person who gets them while reading books, taking a shower, cooking, talking to a family member, thinking about childhood, watching TV. But I once hit a terrible lull in my ability to come up with good ideas. The drought went on for weeks. I was thinking about getting depressed when I got an idea. Maybe if I just read a few articles about writing, or listened to a podcast? I googled around and found Writer’s Digest, the home of Writer’s Digest Magazine. The writer-friendly site also has publisher and agents’ podcasts, seminars, and free articles on such hot topics as Weird Ways to Beat Writer’s Block. Reading at WD about writing worked that day and every other day I’ve tried it.

Yawning gives you oxygen to think and proves you are not a psychopath

It’s like a yawn. If you are in a room full of people and one of them yawns, someone else – if not the whole room – will start yawning. This brings oxygen into the brain, helping you to wake up. I also suspect this might be some deep evolutionary programming. Hey, maybe that’s a book idea. What if scientists tried to find or remove that yawn copying gene? Or an evil corporation made a group of clones have an excess of it? Did you know psychopaths are immune to contagious yawns? But a dog will yawn with you. Now I have more book ideas! A cozy mystery or commercial bestseller thriller: How do you know the psychopath in the room? He didn’t yawn…

Take any idea and run crazy with it

See? You just have to start thinking out of the box and run with it. Good book ideas are everywhere. Try looking under your bed. Not to overshare, but I like those under-the-bed Tupperware-type things that keep silverfish out of old newspaper clippings. The last time I looked in one of them a brief glance turned into an hour of intense re-experience. It’s amazing to me how much I’ve forgotten. These lost experiences hold many good book ideas. Crowbar them out of your subconscious.

Writing a book but need a good book idea? Creative writing and writing prompts will help, but this blog gives you the best book ideas.
Dr. Seuss, a master of creative book ideas, gives us a clue about how to get awesome book ideas: Crowbar your memory.

Dr. Seuss:

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

I’ve found some other solutions, too. Creativity apps help me. I’ve tried Unstuck, which analyzes your creativity block and gives you solutions. Brainstorming apps can boost and organize ideas.

Seek unusual places, like Stephen King’s book, On Writing

If I could tell you one idea to remember about creating book ideas it would be this: seek them out in unusual places. One day I started reading Stephen King’s On Writing and after three pages I began getting ideas and I couldn’t wait to get writing. I think one reason I felt so inspired is that King tells interesting stories on almost every page. Hearing stories, for a writer, is like being a master chef and trying to watch someone else cook. It’s very hard to just sit there and watch.

Take a deep breath and sign up for creative and inspiring book ideas

So what’s the secret to good story ideas? It’s inspiration. How do you get inspiration? It’s helpful to know what inspiration is. According to Merriam Webster, the word derives from the Latin inspiratus (the past participle of inspirare, “to breathe into, inspire”. So maybe the idea is breathed into you. The question is, who will breathe it into you? And how do I convince them to do it? Or, maybe it comes from within. Maybe what I need is a good yawn.

I also find writing this blog helps me get in the mood. I know some of you like daily writing prompts. Once you’ve indulged in a writing prompt, you will feel ready to tackle that novel.

You can use the ideas in this blog anytime. Most are my own ideas, pulled from a variety of news reports and book publishers and agents’ wish lists or calls for manuscripts. If you come back often, or sign up for the new ideas as they are posted, below, you’ll be able to have an easier time hashing out new ideas using the techniques I will be writing about in this blog.

So check back often, or sign up for the occasional newsletter full of new ideas below. Look for the area: Beat Writer’s Block. If you like a challenge, come join me on a 30-day journey to smash writer’s block.

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