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A constantly changing and getting better all the time list of writers and writing, editing, agents and the publishing industry. I’ll also add some good places to start searching for good book ideas as I find them.

Writing a book? These writing links can help inspire you. You’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry out so many free book ideas.
A wheelbarrow load of places you can go for inspiration on writing a book.


  • The Writer’s Digest. a go-to site for writers. This includes writing tips, in-depth articles and podcasts, writing and editing classes, a list of agents looking for manuscripts, writers’ news and the Writer’s Digest magazine.
  • The Manuscript Wish List, a long, long list of the dreams and wishes of agents and publishers, is an invaluable tool for finding ideas, what agents and publishers are seeking, and writing tips. These tips also show up on Twitter.
  • Writing Explained has clear explanations about writing problems, such as the difference between affect and effect, and who and whom, how to write in AP, Chicago, MLA or API Style, and how to begin a blog. The site is good for native and non-native speakers, and includes explanations and histories of English-speaking literary phrases and idioms, such as “Little Black Book.”

Good Places to Start Looking for Ideas


  • Some editing help sites…


  • Agents and help here…


  • Big and small publishers and help.


  • Amazon, Lulu and help…

Writing Blogs

  • Best writing blogs

Grammar and Writing Style

  • Writing Explained has sections on AP, Chicago, MLA and API Style, as well as a clear explanation of word usage (such as affect and effect) and a grammar dictionary.
  • Grammarly offers a free extension that checks your grammar, writing style and spelling.

Plagiarism Checkers

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