5 Inspiring Spirituality & Religion Book Ideas

Writing a book about God? Books on spirituality are some of the bestselling books across time. Maybe spirituality is something that you’ve always wanted to write about. These ideas are free for you to use. Come back often. I’ll be adding new ideas.

How to stop sinning and create a 401K for your soul

  • How to Stop Sinning, or Creating a 401K for Your Soul is a Spiritual Book. This spirituality book idea, using the 10 Commandments from Yahweh, has been attempted once or twice but it really has never been done successfully. This is the kind of book that needs the right author. The idea is that using the 10 commandments every day and addressing what a person is doing wrong each day and praying and working on it will help someone work through the problems of chronic sinning.
Writing a book on God or spirituality or religion? Bestseller book ideas on spirituality are free for writers.
Can you talk to God as Abraham did? Or is it different now?

How to talk to God in a modern and ever-changing world

  • How to Talk to God is a Spiritual Book. Although it’s been done many times, there is always a new take on this. Mankind evolves, and so does our ability and desire to talk to our Creator or the Creative Force. Do we need a method? A ritual? Does our Creator want to be spoken to as the men and women of the Old Testament did?
  • If you read those books, there is a sameness about some of the ways they talked to our Creator. Should it be formal, or casual? Should this book rely on advice from old Christian Saints or the Dali Lama?
  • Maybe enlightened people have some ideas. Maybe the world is ready for a book that pulls in all these sources and more, across time too, and puts them together, noticing similarities and differences. A note: There are strong similarities in world religions, sometimes in concept and sometimes actual, such as the same of angels appearing in vastly different area and cultures.

God loves the innocent souls… and they are dogs, cats, horses, whales and dolphins

  • God’s Innocent Souls is a Spiritual Book. This book looks at the role innocent souls such as dogs, cats, birds, horses, whales, dolphins, gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees play in the development of the human soul. These innocents have been known to bring about lasting and enduring changes for the positive in the soul.
  • This ages-old concept, perhaps including the concept of spirit guides, is the basis for the modern day therapy animal. Does a woman who made the news recently really need to take a miniature horse on an airplane, the aisle, for company?
  • Some people are calmed by the presence of this unconditional love, some can’t live without it. Others includes these beings in our families. Some people take spiritual trips to “talk” to whales and dolphins, and say when they come away they are changed for the better.

I was forced to talk to demons and I didn’t like it, a handbook on dangerous and unwanted dark enlightenment

  • Waking Up or Forced Enlightenment or Sorcery is a Spiritual Book. This book uses the Bible as a jumping point to look at the concept of spiritual awakening. Some people seek spiritual awakening, usually with Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Kabbalah or other holy leaders. These awakenings are orderly and controlled. If an acolyte gets into trouble, the wiser enlightened being helps.
  • But what about the people who were not seeking enlightenment? Through drugs like LSD, alcohol or medication, they sometimes begin to experience a similar, or evil version of what is found in the enlightenment process. This book looks at the flip side of enlightenment, the demons, the paranoia, the torment and draws conclusions about the difference sin or evil makes in this process.
  • Can someone using LSD achieve some sort of enlightenment? Hallucinogens are becoming popular again, and some people report a mind expansion that sounds very similar in concept to what little is revealed by enlightened people. Would they agree to be interviewed for this book? This book could also be framed as a Self-Help book for someone tormented by a false spirituality.

  • More spiritual book ideas will be coming soon.

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