5 Moody & Loving Romance Book Ideas

Romance books encompass an enormous range of fiction, from Historical Romances to Romantic Comedies to Modern Romance. Writers who are looking for good Romance Book ideas can use these ideas for free.

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…December romance. He’s her boss. She had long been warned not to have an office Romance. Especially with a boss.

They’re kept apart, working side by side, for a long time. Now she’s middle aged and he’s old, and something happens that opens their minds. Both of them regret listening to families and everybody else, many of whom are divorced or dead now. These other people have lived, while these two lovers have not.

This is the kind of moody, emotional book that has to be well-written; maybe a kind of dreamy Nicholas Sparks kind of book. So try reading The Notebook first.

Can anyone fall in love in a day? This romance will draw in anyone who loves love.

Are you writing a Romance book? These romance book ideas are free to use for writers.
Can anyone fall in love in just one day?
  • Love in a Day is a Romantic Novel. The book begins early, before dawn, as a girl out working on the farm meets a stranger walking down the road. It’s the 1920s, and she almost doesn’t answer his hail. He could be a carpetbagger. Instead, they talk. She notices his beautiful eyes, that he is about her age, and he is funny and full of stories. In no time, she trusts him enough to tell him she is alone and can’t afford to pay him for work. He offers to work for food. She says she has little. Only a few eggs and some milk. He gives her a long look and says, “I could marry you.” She blushes, nearly runs away, then laughs. “Well, we could give it a try, she said. She gave him one day to prove he would be a good husband. It was a long day. He chopped wood, milked the two cows, made sure they were in better pasture than where he found them, reorganized the chicken coop and began gathering scraps of wood to expand it. By the end of the day, after she had found some mushrooms in the forest, they had a good meal, and he proposed again. She accepted. She didn’t regret it another day of her life. This would be a good Romance – the elements of love at first sight, American history, love in adversity, impossible love all come together in this book.

A Medieval King brings in a group of ladies in an early version of the popular TV show The Bachelor

  • The Bachelor King is a Romantic Novel. A King in medieval times is in need of a wife to give him an heir. All of the women in his court are not interesting to him. He has known them for most of his life and he wants a beauty. He sends out his men to look for the most beautiful women in the land and bring them to him. He promises to give each a cow and some supplies for their trouble. Then begins an early version of The Bachelor. He puts them all in his castle. They get dresses and maids to do their hair. They come to dinner and each knows that he plans to pick one to become queen. One of the contestants poisons another, and the King can’t figure out who did it. So he promises the one who tells the truth about it will get points in her favor for handling the politics of royal court so well. She believes him, and he has her removed from the contest. Unknown to the others, he sends her home with no cow. The remaining 24 are all beauties, he decides. Only two have good manners. Many funny and poignant scenes can make this book memorable. How he gets to the one he will marry is going to grab the attention of the millions of watchers of The Bachelor.

Faced with death, women of Weinsberg choose their husbands over possessions

  • A King’s Promise (See also Angry Woods Wives as a Fantasy or a Romantic Fantasy.) About a year ago, there was a long discussion on Twitter with 2,100 likes after an agent said he wanted a dark fantasy about some mostly lesbian wives left behind while their husbands were off at war. Readers argued the trope had been done in multiple books and movies. The idea was partly based on an old true story about the Seige of Weinsberg in 1140. Conrad III of Germany grew weary of the battle and told the women they could leave and take whatever they could carry on their shoulders. They left their belongings and took their husbands. The Romance book would be from the perspective of a wife who led the other women, who loved her husband more than life itself. Or a husband who is newly married. It also could be the work of two clever lesbians, whose husbands already are dead and they want to escape with the men because… maybe they want children after they escape?

Ready Player Love is a very modern Romance about a MMORPG (video game) romance.

  • The Game of Love, a very modern Romance, could be for millennials or younger. Two gamers who meet each other in a popular MMORPG fall in love more intensely than the friendships that develop in Ready Player One. The trope of falling in love with someone you’ve never seen is well-worn, but the online game is new with a voracious audience. The setting gives the writer endless possibilities for love mixed with fear. Is my true love, my soul mate, the only one who understands my love for my purple Druid skin actually an 8-year-old gamer who’s faking it? While I see people asking for books like this, good technology-based fiction can be hard to find. Books like Ready Player One represent a fairly new and burgeoning market. And Ready Player One wasn’t a Romance.