5 Irresistible Chick Lit, Beach Reads & Other Book Ideas

Beach Reads are a loosely defined book genre that encompasses lighter themed books that people might read while on vacation. Chick Lit is a genre that can get close to contemporary Romance but generally stays more light-hearted and witty. Bridget Jones’ Diary is probably the most famous chick-lit. Some female authors don’t like the term, noting that when men write about family and friends it’s called “literature,” and when women do the same it’s called a “beach read” or “chick lit.” Check back often for more good book ideas.

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Turning point: when her 5-year-old said, ‘I gotta get a job, right?’

  • Turning Point is a good beach read. A young single war widow is helping her 5-year-old daughter with a kindergarten project, and she asks her daughter, “You know what you will do after graduation?” And her daughter says, “I gotta get a job, right?” The funny comment jolts the mother, she realizes she has been too focused on work and the bills, so she decides to change her life. She won’t speak about money or work to her daughter for an entire year. Funny, happy things result, including meeting the love of her life. This also might make a good Romance book.

Morality Mom, one woman’s journey into love and madness

  • Morality Mom is a good beach read. I found this story at Javacasa.com: “A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin, 5, and Ryan, 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. ‘If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, “Let my brother have the first pancake. I can wait.” Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, “Ryan, you be Jesus.”’ This funny beach read is one mother’s journey to be a moral compass to her two sons, using good moral lessons like this one with funny results. When she seeks moral advice from a preacher or a psychologist, she meets a single Dad who is suffering the opposite; his two daughters keep telling him the difference between right and wrong, giving us a child’s eye view of morality. This also could be a contemporary Romance.
If you are writing a book and you want a good beach read, try Morality Mom. Or for Chick Lit, writers may want to try the Mood lipstick book idea.
Morality Mom, a good beach read that you could write, would be funny and full of parenting wisdom at the same time.

The older she got, the better she was (in the past) and one day she found out she was right

  • The Better She Was is a good beach read about growing old and not being appreciated. Set in about 2070, one older lady keeps telling her family stories about her heroic deeds at war and at home when she was younger. The family is bored by grandma. She begins to think her heroic acts, such as her Purple Heart and community helps were meaningless. She begins to become depressed. Then an incident happens, in which everything this woman ever said she was comes to the fore and she saves the whole family or maybe the whole town. She realizes that all of her other awards were not meaningless; they were pieces of what we would call the heroic soul but she calls just parts of herself.

Mood lipstick accidentally changes women’s hormones with hilarious results

Writing a book? Chick lit is a popular book genre. Writers can use any book idea for free.
Write a book about some moody lipstick that causes moods in women. It could be your first chick lit.
  • Moody Blues as Chick Lit or Romantic Comedy. A young biochemist with a minor in fashion makeup who just graduated has created a new lipstick that works like a mood ring. But as it has huge success, a very attractive chemist discovers the lipstick leads the “mood,” in other words, it changes the mood of the woman hormonally after she kisses a guy, which is something the chemists didn’t try in the lab. Apparently, the man’s pheromones affect the chemicals in the lipstick. So gay couple are not affected, but it wreaks havoc on the rest. This could also be a good Rom-Com movie script or Science Fiction.

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