5 Terrifying Horror Book Ideas

Faces in the trees and a thirst for human blood

  • Faces in the Trees is a Horror Fiction. If you stare at a canopy of the forest at twilight, you will see faces emerge, an old saying in a town goes. It’s the faces of the hungry trees. Eddie Jones just moved into town and he’s noticed some strange things happen around twilight. His new girlfriend finally tells him the tales of the dead teens, found bound to the trees with tree roots and drained of blood. Here’s some thought-provoking blogging on the idea of trees and blood:
Did you know trees like human blood? Writers can write a horror book based on this idea for a horror fiction book bestseller.
Did you know trees thrive on human blood?

The Fourth Book of Ezra is not a biblical favourite today.  It comes from one of the lesser-known apocryphal books…‘Then many a tree became bedewed with bloody tears under their bark, red and thick; the sap was turned to blood.’ …Aside from imagining a scene out of a horror movie, what’s the point of these bleeding trees?  …As sinful human beings become less human morally in their behaviour, the trees become more human physically by their bleeding.

— From beoshewulf.wordpress.com, although I changed the link on apocryphal books from Wikipedia to a place where you can read The Fourth Book of Ezra. Holy visions are a good jumping point for Horror fiction, as many are terrifying.

Horrible emotions have physical bodies, and they hate you

  • Sha of Despair is a Horror Fiction or maybe a Thriller. In World of Warcraft, a MMORPG, there are Shas of negative emotions in a Fantasy land called Pandaria. These Shas are manifestations of people’s bad thoughts and emotions that they have not learned to control. By killing them, a person is free of them and presumably evolves into a better being. In a Horror book, a person is constantly confronted by something of the same idea and must find a way to get rid of them, otherwise the house if full of these entities and the foulness they spread around themselves. The protagonist could seek help from an old wise Asian man or woman, or maybe a gamer.

Frankenstein was actually a female cult leader before he/she was resurrected

  • Eternal Kill is a Horror Prequel. I’ve seen a couple of agent requests for some new take on Frankenstein. In this book, our protagonist is Frankenstein before he died and was resurrected. We follow a girl child from early childhood, watching her grow into a cunning serial killer. Unlike the later monster, Roberta is darkly beautiful, seductive and has a thirst for blood. Like Joe Carroll in The Following, this precursor to Frankenstein is charismatic. The book follows her through life and death and just into the early months of his life as Frankenstein. A psychopath and cult leader who becomes undeniably ugly and of a different sex thanks to Dr. Frankenstein’s twisted mind might become enraged. Would he/she try to regroup her cult? How would they view the new him?

The locked trunk killer strikes again, this time the woman inside has a cell phone

  • Rita’s Last Call is a Horror or Thriller Book or Movie Script. According to news reports, Rita Maze, 47, frantically called her family from inside a locked car trunk. Police tried to trace the signal to save her, but were unable to pin down the location, apparently losing it several times. She was found dead of a gunshot wound. Later, police said she had committed suicide. What really happened? Maybe it was dark stranger entity, or some ghost from her past that drove her to kill herself. Or it killed her.

One of the Children of Bodom say a Red-Eyed Apparition killed his friends

  • Children of Bodom is a Horror Fiction or Movie Script. This could make a classic slasher movie (it was possibly an inspiration for Friday the 13th) but the true story could lend itself to a terrifying horror book. On June 4, 1960, four teenagers went camping on a lake near Helinski. According to news reports, between 4 and 6 a.m. three teens were brutally stabbed and bludgeoned to death. The fourth teen had a concussion, fractures to his jaw and face, and bruises. In shock, he claimed he saw an apparition in black with bright red eyes. Later, someone confessed on his deathbed, but police claimed the confession was a lie. Forty-four years later, the fourth teen was arrested for killing his friends, but was acquitted in 2005.