4 Captivating Fantasy Book Ideas

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Writing a book? Fantasy is a favorite genre and one of the oldest. Fantasy uses magic or supernatural beings as a focal point. The Lord of the Rings is one of the most famous fantasy series. Come back often for more book ideas, or sign up for my newsletter below.

Angry Woods Wives set a new standard for love in the face of war

  • Angry Woods Wives as a Fantasy or a Romantic Fantasy. About a year ago, there was a long discussion on Twitter with 2,100 likes after an agent said he wanted a dark fantasy about some mostly lesbian wives left behind while their husbands were off at war. Readers argued the trope had been done in multiple books and movies. The idea was partly based on an old true story about the Seige of Weinsberg in 1140. Conrad III of Germany grew weary of the battle and told the women they could leave and take whatever they could carry on their shoulders. They left their belongings and took their husbands. When an idea generates so much argument, I think it’s worth writing. Maybe a Fantasy Book with Women of the Woods who love trees giving up their forest for their husbands? Or Druids walking away from their stone circles with the men they love and never going back?

Early man had a New York and it’s in South Africa

A Dragon Prince is lost in an angry storm, befriends a boy

Dragons make captivating books.
  • The Lost Dragon Prince as a Fantasy Book. A Native American youth comes across a strange being when he is out gathering herbs one day. Giant and dangerous, the dragon is secretive until the two have bonded, possibly over an incident in which the dragon is protected by the man and the man is protected by the dragon. It turns out the dragon is the Prince of Dragons and he was somewhere he shouldn’t be when a storm came. He reveals he is lost, carried from a jungle by a strange storm to Arizona. A coming of age and journey book, the boy and dragon both learn the value of love.

Love of water, love of blood is a vampire journey of good and evil

  • Vampire Journey as a Fantasy Book. Aiden, raised by loving, strict parents, is going bad as a new vampire and liking it. This journey through darkness is representative of the spiritual journey many people take as they consider whether they are good or evil. In the end, Aiden chooses good, perhaps by self-sacrifice in a heroic, selfless act in which he realizes all of his self-worth, his love, his strength is tied up in what is good, not in the bad he’s been exploring. Unlike some successful vampire tales, there’s not a girl who helps him through love to the light. Instead, Aiden has a pestering, pranking spirit who resembles a tiny dragon or a water sprite, who makes snide comments which turn out to have deeper meaning. If a water sprite, this book could explore love of water (good) versus love of blood (usually bad).