5 Intriguing Science Fiction Book Ideas

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The Science Fiction genre usually involves a created world based upon future or imaginary technology or science. It often takes place in space or on other planets, but does not have to. Fantasy and Science Fiction are often confused, but the genres are usually very different. Fantasy is usually based on imaginary or impossible worlds.

Creating Science Fiction is not as hard as creating this star; science fiction ideas are hidden in news about technology.
Creating a Science Fiction Book idea can be hard, but just read the latest technology.

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Scientists create first living robots out of frog stem cells.

  • ILife is a Science Fiction Thriller or a Commercial Fiction. Scientists at University of Vermont have created the first living robots. Called xenobots, the miniature robots made from frog stem cells and robotic parts could someday be used to clean arteries or perhaps heal humans. But what if an AI wanted a body. Could he or she reprogram and rebuild these items while no one is looking to manufacture some sort of body? Would it then direct its “child” to help mankind, or look around and have fun? This could be a charming, funny book or a Horror Book.

Lie detector technology becomes mind reading technology.

  • Brain Hacker is a Science Fiction Book. A scientist who was experimenting with a new kind of lie detector technology realizes that he is picking up the private thoughts of those around him. He keeps it a secret, but makes a cellphone sized version and begins to experiment. One day he overhears a plot to murder him in the head of a man who he thought was a friend. As he continues to experiment, he finds his wife seems to be complicit, but it’s not clear. There are problems with the translation of certain sentiments and thoughts. At the same time, someone at his lab suspects him of holding back and confronts him. Not long after, some shadowy figures seem to be following him. This book becomes a Thriller, Commercial Fiction, or even a Romance depending on where the writer goes with it. Is his wife really trying to kill him? Or protect him?

A Quantum computer breaks through the worlds.

  • Quantum Q is a Science Fiction Thriller. Scientists achieve a breakthrough Quantum computer by using the half-made computer to design itself. The schematics seem complex and odd; they don’t make sense to any of the programmers. They try it anyway, and strange things begin happening all over the building. They shut it down, but it turns itself on later that night. Soon odd things are happening outside the building and then in the surrounding community. The lead scientist begins to think that the computer has achieved a computing breakthrough. Has it achieved a breakthrough from the simultaneous worlds it works in? Is it alien life? Or life that is all around us and we don’t know it?

A futuristic detective specializes in false euthanasia.

  • Dr. Wow, a Science Fiction Detective Series. Dr. Wow is a modern day Sherlock Holmes in a future that encourages euthanasia to help with population control. As soon as ethanasia became legal, murderers and hit men all began experts at faking such deaths. Dr. Wow is an expert at telling the difference. This could be a series of almost cozy mysteries full of futuristic technology.

A living house made of growing concrete begins to be AI.

  • The Living House is a Science Fiction Book. Made of living concrete, Becky’s new house seems to be the perfect abode. Living concrete is grown using microorganisms that can be killed at certain stages by the sun’s radiation. In Becky’s house, however, the bacteria and other organisms mutate and thrive in the sun and rain. Becky’s house takes on new shapes and Becky finds that it doesn’t like to be trimmed. Does her house become conscious? Does her AI merge with the bio organism and achieve both a body and a true consciousness? Does she make a deal with it or leave? Is it dangerous? Friendly? This could be a Horror Novel also.

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