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5 Endearing Children’s Books & Fun Children’s Picture Books Ideas

Children’s Books and Children’s Picture Books are some of the hardest writing genres to break into, mostly because so many non-writers want to write a children’s book. To break into this field, writers need a better idea for a children’s book than anyone else. A downloadable book on creating unusual and original book ideas will be available soon.

Children’s Books and Children’s Picture Books: Writing a children’s book or children’s picture book? My book ideas are free for writers.
Children’s Books and Children’s Picture Books are a joy to write.

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… She feels she stands out from the crowd like an ugly oddball. Along her journey she meets many famous insects, animals and moths who are good people. Some are famous and some are just loved and in happy lives. She realizes by the end that her pink and yellow is beautiful.

A Jolly Book Flood goes awry when 1 child has no book

Children’s Books Children’s Picture books what happens when books all disappear? Writing a book on this?
What happens when the Book Grinch steals all the books during Jolabokaflod?
  • A Jolly Book Flood as a Children’s Book. Icelandic people celebrate the Holiday Season a little differently from the rest of the world: On Christmas Eve, it is traditional to receive a book, get a hot cocoa, curl up by the fire, and then spend ALL NIGHT reading. This tradition is Jolabokaflod, which roughly means “Christmas book flood” in English. A funny book-related romp by kids in front of a crackling fire could make a good Holiday Season children’s book. Or maybe one child doesn’t get his book and this is the story of what happens. Maybe a mouse tells him a story.

Children who hate hugs learn to love them

  • I Hate Hugs as a Children’s Picture Book. The title says it all.

Are you my punching bag?

  • The Punching Punchbag as a Children’s Picture Book. A children’s book about how punching begets punching. According to psychologists, hitting children teaches them to punch back. The book could teach adults as well as children. In a funny way, of course.

Go, Friend. Go! or Go, Bird. Go! is a Children’s Picture Book series

  • Go, Bird. Go! or Go, Friend. Go! is a Children’s Picture Book or a Children’s Picture Book series. Loosely inspired by the favorite 1961 classic Go, Dog. Go!, a child sees all of her or his friends leaving and going somewhere, too busy to stop and talk, or too cryptic when they do. Same for all of the birds in the area. Finally, all of the bird’s singing has stopped and the child finds out everyone is going to a birthday party. The child, who has not been invited, is sad and goes home to cry. There, his or her parent says, “Where have you been? You have to get dressed! You have a party to go to!” The parent explains that the birds have gone on vacation and will return in the Spring. This also could be a series about disappearing things.

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