5 Life-changing Book Ideas for Writing Bestsellers & Commercial Fiction

Writing a bestseller? These compelling book ideas will grab readers and take them for a breathless ride through the book’s pages. With a little creative writing, writers might even win a book award. These bestseller book ideas are free for all writers. Come back often, I’ll be adding more ideas. Or sign up for my newsletter below.

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…write a daily journal. Writing a book or journal about love, life and happiness by each of the prior trust fund recipients could challenge a writer, who might work in different speaking voices. It’s the kind of enjoyable, emotional book that often makes for good bestsellers.

Meddling Dad thinks he’s seen his son steal Smithsonian diamonds using a chip tracker

  • Meddling Dad is a Bestselling Commercial Fiction. A Dad had chipped his kid when he was born and never told him. He follows him his whole life, sometimes showing up in restaurants and such, but his kid never recognizes him. Then one day he is watching the chip on his computer and sees his son is somewhere there was a great heist, perhaps of diamonds from the Smithsonian at 3 a.m. What does he do? Accuse his son? Turn him in? Is the son somehow innocent — maybe he’s a guard, or he has a girlfriend who curates there who got him in late at night. This book could be a lesson about rediscovering love or lessons for a meddling parent

Is being born without sex a better life?

  • Sexless as Upmarket Book or Literary Fiction. The life journey of a child who is born as an “intersex,” a baby that is not clearly girl or boy. (About one in 2,000 children are born this way.) This would be good for middle grade or YA books. Teenage problems would be worse than average, but could this somehow be a good life? See ISNA.org for research.

Is sexless the future of humans?

  • Sexless as Commercial Book or Science Fiction. An “intersex” child possibly is an evolutionary change in mankind and the future of the human race. How do they reproduce? How is this genetic change different and potentially better for humans? Is something causing this need for genetic change? Is there a subculture of these advanced or seemingly less advanced beings? Are they hated, loved or feared? Are they honest and loving, or conspiring and angry? Start at ISNA.org for research.

Falsely convicted man gets $20 million but says love is more important

Bestseller book about love and family and justice
Juan Rivera’s story is a good one to use as a jumping point for a fictional bestseller. It hits all the right buttons: Injustice, murder, justice, love and family.
  • A Lucrative Conviction as Commercial Fiction or NonFiction Book. Juan Rivera, 42, spent nearly two decades in prison for a 1992 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. A DNA test later proved he did not rape the girl. He was awarded $20 million in 2015. A woman he married while in prison later sued him to get some of the money. He won $7.5 million more from the city. What happened to him? Rivera later said twenty years with his family was more important than $20 million.

Family and friends lynch a man and sign Bible to keep the secret

  • A Family Secret as a Bestseller. Family secret stories always make for good commercial fiction. There are numerous old families in the suburbs of Atlanta who keep a dark secret; there is a bible that has their grandparents’ names written in it. The group all signed the Bible just after they lynched an innocent black man or Jew. One of the children is now Georgia’s governor, or a U.S. Senator running for President. How far would he go to keep this Bible secret? Who else is involved?

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